Utilizing Content to Pinpoint Target Markets and Drive Engagement


Here’s how they did it.


Discovering Potential for Growth 

Despite the client’s unparalleled expertise as the longest-serving pipeline engineering firm in Michigan, the firm primarily used LinkedIn as a repost and reshare hub. With little to no original content to showcase their offerings, the client fell short of their goal to increase brand awareness. 

The client was well known locally but needed to expand its market nationally by investing in organic channels like LinkedIn to fully showcase their firm’s capabilities. This left significant potential for the firm to utilize content creation and media optimization services to reach their brand awareness goals and reach their full potential. 

Defining Goals and Metrics of Success 

Through an investment in marketing, the firm knew it wanted to increase brand awareness through social media by leveraging expertise and high-quality content. To measure and quantify that goal, the client set the following objectives for the campaign:  

  • Increase monthly impressions on LinkedIn from 24 per month to 100 per month in a 6-month time period
  • Create and engage an active audience on LinkedIn, through a 0.5% increase in engagement rate within the 6-month period.

By focusing on reach and engagement in conjunction with traceable numerical metrics, the firm was able to measure increases in LinkedIn audiences as well as the success of the content in engaging that audience. 

    Strategies and Reasoning Utilized To Reach Objectives 

    In order to reach these objectives, the client needed to create a new approach to creating and publishing LinkedIn content. ADV Marketing assisted the firm in creating a new content plan that would showcase the client’s expertise through professional, value driven content creation.  

    A key aspect to this content strategy was the implementation of micro-blogging and project showcases that focused on the clients’ successes. Micro-blogs are short blog posts that focus on educating the audience in a quick and engaging way, and project showcases feature photos from a successful client project coupled with a write-up about the experience. The micro blogs and project showcases were posted on LinkedIn and engaged audiences in a new, educational manner. 

    This content matched the client’s brand identity as a consulting firm, by supporting and supplementing its customers in difficult-to-solve problems in the energy industry.  

    Finding the Target Market to Reach Objectives  

    The client’s target market was made up of energy integrity professionals, including engineering managers, project managers, and operations support managers. This specific market appreciated straightforward, concise, technical information that communicated major points effectively and efficiently. Utilizing this tone preference, ADV Marketing created educational-oriented messages such as micro-blogs and project showcases. The tone and type of content created resonated with the priorities and preferences of the target market; this driving engagement higher. The audience utilized the educational content as an opportunity to showcase their own expertise by commenting and reposting, which expanded the reach of the post. 



    Engineering Consulting Firm


    Pipeline Industry


    • Technical Writing
    • SME Content
    • Social Media Management
    • Content Creation

    Key Benefits

    • Social media management and content creation lead to an increase in impressions and engagement rate more than double initial projections. 
    • Utilized educational-oriented messages specific to target market to increase engagement to 10% per month  
    • Increased LinkedIn average impressions per post from 24 to 265 
    • Due to educational content efforts, the client gained 492 followers in 6 months. 


    Increase in engagement

    Average impressions per post

    Followers gained

    Exceeded Objectives– Performing higher than Expectations   

    The ultimate increase in impressions and engagement rate was more than double the initial projections. The engineering firm’s target audience responded to content very well by commenting on posts and having lively conversations on LinkedIn with one another, creating an  outstanding reach and engagement. 

    The initial objectives of the client were to increase engagement rate 0.5% and increase impressions to 100 per month within a 6 month timeframe. However, the client ultimately increased from an average of 24 impressions per post to 265, and observed an increase in engagement to 10% on average per month. Through the new content created, the client gained 492 new followers and a post reaching 9,496 impressions with engagements being from professionals in the client’s target market. 

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