Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have some questions about how we work and what you can expect. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.


What is the minimum commitment?

ADV Marketing takes a custom-tailored approach to each client and project. Pricing is fluid based on client needs. Our ad-hoc projects start at an average cost of $450. Our partner pricing begins at $5,000/mo with a 12-month commitment.


How do you measure the success of campaigns or projects?

Ad-hoc projects are measured based off industry standards. Partner projects are measured against set metrics defined by several factors:

  • Client metric history

  • Industry standards

  • Business objectives

ADV Marketing in-turn takes these metrics and defines set marketing objectives and benchmarks.


What if I need to outsource a specific project?

While our partner pricing has the highest ROI, we do offer ad-hock project pricing. Simply submit a project request through this form and we will follow up with a quote.


What if we have no marketing materials?

Most of our clients are new to marketing meaning they come to us with little to no prior materials. That’s ok! We view this as a fresh start and a way to get your marketing off on the right foot. For partners, through our TTL we will get to know your company and marketing expectations to create the right content straight from the get-go. For ad-hoc projects we will interview any needed SMEs to complete the project.


How much do the services cost?

Each client has unique needs and budgets based on their sales and marketing goals, we specially curate packages to meet the client’s needs. On average, clients who choose partner pricing spend $5,000- $10,000 a month with where we allocate a set number of hours each month to provide any combination of our services..

For clients who do not have the need or budget for a retainer we can combine services and create marketing packages for them based on their needs. These packages range from large to small and average $3500 per client.

We also offer a la carte pricing for clients who have one off needs. Contact us today for a free marketing evaluation and quote!


Do you offer a trial period?

Yes! All partner pricing comes with a 3-month trial period. At the beginning of every partnership, we go through our TTL Process where, at the end, partners receive a 12-month content implementation plan containing detailed information about the marketing being produced throughout the duration of the contract. Should a partner choose to terminate the contract at the end of the 3-month trial, partners are simply required to buy the content plan.


What success have you had with previous clients?

ADV Marketing is an award-winning marketing agency. You can learn more about our success by viewing our case studies here.


What if my business is a start up?

ADV Marketing has worked with companies in the process of funding their startup all the way up to companies with years of experience. Small-businesses are our specialty and start ups are no exception. ADV Marketing began as a start up and we understand them well. We will use our TTL or SME interviews to complete projects regardless of the size of the company.

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