Let’s Talk About Marketing and the Military (Yes, They’re Related)

Armed with an infantry, artillery, and a well-stocked armory, your business is more capable of getting closer to victory. 

Close up of chess pieces on a game board, representing business strategy
Strategy and having a well-considered game plan is the key to success in marketing.

Here’s the metaphor: marketing’s main enemy is a combination of fear and confusion in the minds of potential consumers. As with any successful military tactic, the strategy of attack begins with the long-range artillery followed by the close-range, targeted attacks from the infantry. The infantry is armed from a high-quality, well-stocked armory to launch a successful campaign.

Your marketing strategy includes an artillery and armory, and your sales team supplies the infantry. Both are necessary to a successful business.

Let’s break down each component further, starting with the first phase of our marketing military campaign: the artillery.


Your marketing is your artillery. Its main purpose is to weaken the effects of fear and confusion in your consumers’ minds with long-range, indirect attacks. This role is what your marketing does best. At ADV marketing, the B2B marketing artillery is made up of the targeted approach of account-based marketing (ABM) and value-creating inbound marketing.

Account-Based Marketing

Militaries (and small businesses) run the risk of wasting valuable time and resources if they don’t launch targeted campaigns. AMB is built on your ideal customer profile (ICP), which is made up of a shortlist of companies that you want to work with. Building a campaign with this targeted approach reduces waste and enhances the effectiveness of the campaign components.  

Inbound Marketing

This natural pair with ABM creates value to attract prospective clients. At the same time that you are targeting your ICP directly and attracting your targets’ attention, your inbound marketing creates a soft place to land. It’s made up of attractive, value-creating content that prospective clients want and seek out.


In addition to coordinating the artillery phase of your campaign, your marketing also supplies the armory that will become invaluable to your infantry.


Another name for the weapons for your infantry is tangibles. They empower salespeople and streamline the sales pitch. Tangibles can be presentations, leave-behinds, brochures, case studies, webinars, and any content that fortifies your offerings and your brand. A well-stocked library of high-quality, credible tangibles is vital to claiming victory. 


Finally, it’s time for the sales team. Each salesperson in your company makes up the infantry that will follow the coordinating attacks of the artillery. Of course, your infantry will also be supplied by the effective marketing armory. The one-on-one, direct conversations your salespeople have are where the sales close, but only if the artillery and the armory have done their work. 

Sales close faster and easier when the sales call comes after the hard work of the artillery…

Empowering Your Sales Team

Sales close faster and easier when the sales call comes after the hard work of the artillery, based on the strategies of account-based marketing and inbound marketing. Empower your sales team to generate and close more leads by providing them the support of an artillery and an armory.

Contact us if you have questions about marketing and the military are related. Be sure to check out advmarketing.com for more information about our services. 

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