Building an Online Presence

A general contractor was searching to increase brand awareness and establish themselves as an industry expert through LinkedIn and its website. With ADV Marketing, it was able to surpass it’s goals and deliver high-value content.

Here’s how they did it. 

A commercial general contractor wanted to draw in more clients by communicating its breadth of experience. The company wanted to increase brand awareness and engagement across LinkedIn and its website. Ultimately, the company sought to leverage its digital channels to support on-the-ground business development efforts.  

To measure this goal, the marketing objectives for the contractor’s engagement with ADV Marketing were to:

  • Maintain an average monthly follower growth rate of 3% in 6 months
  • Grow average monthly engagement to 4% on LinkedIn
  • Increase new users to the website by 20%  

This project aimed to educate prospective clients about projects completed and the commercial construction process. The following tactics were used:

  • Write high-value articles to optimize the website for search engine results
  • Curate one-page resources to educate consumers about the construction process
  • Post weekly organic LinkedIn content about industry news and completed projects

SEO: Showing Up at the Right Place and Right Time

Search engine optimization (SEO) uses relevance and authority. Tactics such as keyword-rich content, backlinks, and metatags can help companies show up at the right place and right time for prospective clients.

Upon auditing this client’s website, issues with performance and accessibility were hindering SEO rankings. As a result, the company’s presence was diminished, and thus, it could not fully position itself as a trustworthy industry expert.

Quick fixes and a consistent content schedule were used to improve the site’s overall health from 40 to 96 and improve its search rankings.


The company began to see more leads generated from an increased online presence. At the end of six months, the company saw a 10% increase in followers with a monthly engagement rate of 11%. The website had a 40% increase in new users each month.


Commercial General Contractor




• Web Design

• Copywriting

• Print Media

• Seo Audit

• Social Media Management

Key Benefits

Increased new website users by 40% (20% more than the original goal)

Increased monthly engagement and follower rates on LinkedIn

High-value content to educate prospective clients on past projects and the commercial construction process


Increase in Followers


Monthly Engagement Rate


Increase in New Users Each Month

“You guys are the best at what you do!”


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