Enhancing Engagement for Energy Professionals

A global organization of energy professionals wanted to increase engagement and raise awareness of its events using social media and a unique prospectus showcasing networking events.

Here’s how they did it.


Empowering Women in Energy with Marketing Assistance

The Houston chapter of a global organization of energy professionals dedicated to nurturing women’s career and leadership development while expanding their network sought assistance for a range of marketing initiatives. The organization wanted to raise awareness of its events and deliver visually appealing, engaging digital and print material to prospective and current members. To measure this goal, engagement rate across all social media platforms was evaluated. To achieve these results, focus was placed on social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), digital and print media (e.g., Prospectus, flyers, etc.), photography, and videography. The Houston chapter continues to experience significant increases in engagement, impressions, and followers.


Through our work with the organization, our team was awarded Committee of the Year and the Rising Star Award in 2024.

Promoting Networking & Development Opportunities

As a global not-for-profit organization, every minute and every dollar counts, so proper resource allocation and streamlined strategies are essential to effective marketing. The organization’s primary goal was to educate prospective and current members on opportunities for networking, leadership advancement, and professional development of women. The following tactics were used to accomplish their objectives:

  • Streamline project requests via an internal management system
  • Manage various social media platforms to promote opportunities, post event highlights, and showcase sponsors and board members
  • Curate and craft design elements in diverse print and digital materials
  • Photograph and record speakers and members engaging at luncheons and networking
  • Create baseline templates to enhance scalability and promote customizability in an efficient manner

Igniting Impactful Interactions

The social media posts received over 130,000 total impressions across all profiles, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The organization’s primary platform, LinkedIn, experienced a 23% follower increase and over 12,000 engagements (e.g., likes, comments, or reposts). The impressions, engagements, and follower growth exceeded client expectations.


Global organization of energy professionals


Oil & gas


• Print Media
• Social Media Management
• Photography
• Videography
• Graphic Design

Key Benefits

Increased LinkedIn engagement by 161%

Increased total profile impressions by 109%

Sponsor Prospectus allowed for 25% sponsorship growth

Example of Sponsor Prospectus cover and opened up
Phone with social media post on screen

Total Impressions


LinkedIn Follower Growth

LinkedIn Engagements

Prospectus Prosperity

The annual sponsorship prospectus acts as supplemental material coinciding with the organization’s efforts to boost chapter sponsorships. These sponsorships range in level, from $3,000 to $15,000 per package, providing companies with numerous benefits and the organization with important funding and meaningful relationships. The completed digital content increased annual sponsorships for the organization by 25%. 


Sponsorship Growth

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