Leveraging LinkedIn for Lead Generation

A not-for-profit organization wanted to expand its brand awareness and acquire new members. Through a strategic plan to generate and guide leads through the sales funnel, they were able to exceed goals and develop high-value leads.

Here’s how they did it. 

A Starting Place

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing training for the natural gas industry wanted to expand its brand awareness and acquire new members. The organization had a goal to bring in one new member within a 7-month period; however, it would need to build a new marketing strategy and greatly accelerate lead generation in a short time period.

The plan was to increase awareness and top-of-mind consideration for the organization’s ideal company profile. The following initiatives were used:

  • Develop a content library of high-value resources.
  • Launch a new website with lead-tracking software.
  • Post consistent, consumer-centric LinkedIn content.
  • Implement a LinkedIn paid ad campaign to reach ideal consumer profiles.

Utilizing Connections to Nurture Leads

A crucial aspect of growing brand awareness is nurturing leads from the initial discovery stages to completing website forms and becoming qualified for the sale. Interactions for potential leads were monitored through the following journey:

  1. Current members share and interact with LinkedIn.
  2. The current member’s network is introduced to the content and follows the page.
  3. The new connection wants more information and goes to the website
  4. The new connection becomes an information-qualified lead (IQL).
  5. The IQL views resources.
  6. Upon submitting a contact form, the IQL transitions to a marketing-qualified lead (MQL).
  7. If the MQL matches the ideal customer profile, they become a sales qualified lead.

Lead Success in 7 Months

Within 7 months, the organization was able to nearly double its LinkedIn following with a 10% increase each month. Monthly LinkedIn impressions exceeded the estimated amount by over 322%, and the monthly engagement rate was triple the expected amount. Website traffic also increased by 10% with the launch of an updated site. In the end, 11 leads matching the ideal membership profile were generated, and 3 resulted in contact form submissions.


Not-for-Profit Training Organization


Natural Gas


  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design
  • Lead Tracking
  • Print Media
  • Copywriting

Key Benefits

Increased new website users by 10%

Increased monthly engagement and follower rates on LinkedIn

The Life of a Lead

Leads Generated

Contact Form Submissions

“ADV Marketing’s team helped our association move from 55 to 100 followers on LinkedIn in just five months through professional articles, case studies, newsletters, and a redesigned website. This talented team was flexible, communicated well, and was a joy to work with.”


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