Impressive ROI with Podcasting

Two engineering consultants in the pipeline industry sought to establish themselves as subject matter experts (SMEs) and boost awareness of their consulting services in pipeline inspection through podcasting. With ADV Marketing, they achieved a 200%+ ROI on their podcasting project.

Here’s how they did it. 

Boosting Brand Awareness

Two engineering consultants in the pipeline industry sought to boost awareness of their consulting services in pipeline inspection and data analysis, all while
aiming to acquire clients for new projects. Their main objective was to build a foundation of educational content that could be used to procure fresh projects from both new clientele and their loyal, existing customer base. At the heart of this strategy was to secure the acquisition of 1-2 novel projects.

Utilizing Podcasting Networks

The project aimed to engage consumers with informative content that would build credibility, trust, and brand awareness. This was accomplished through the following strategies:

  • The engineers hosted a podcast to discuss relevant industry news and challenges.
  • This podcast was published on a consistent schedule and featured industry guest speakers.
  • The podcast’s content was accessible both in video and audio-only formats on popular podcasting platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Podcasts.


Establishing Trust in the Pipeline Industry

In the high-stakes pipeline industry, any problem can turn into a dangerous and even life-threatening situation. Because of this, establishing trust between consultants and potential clients is crucial. The podcast achieved this by doing the following:

  • Facilitated conversations about solving serious challenges that encouraged direct listener engagement.
  • Allowed the consultants to establish their credibility by discussing their expertise and experiences.
  • Increased awareness of the consultants’ services while earning the trust of their listeners


The Resulting Project Acquisitions

During the span of one year, the average monthly growth rate of the podcast was 45% for audio listeners and 20% for video-cast viewers. In the year 2022, the podcast gained 34 dedicated subscribers overall. The podcast received positive feedback from listeners from the brand’s primary demographic, including comments like:

“Love it guys”

“Another great episode!”

“Love it!! You guys are so clear!”

“Great stuff. Enjoy the conversation.”

The primary goal of increasing brand awareness proved to be a successful endeavor, as evidenced by data provided by the consultants. According to them, the podcast resulted in two new project acquisitions, bringing the total ROI for the project’s production costs to 207%.


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Key Benefits

Project investment had a return of 207%.

The average monthly audio listener’s growth rate was 45%.

Resulted in two new project acquisitions.

Return on Investment


Increase in Monthly Listeners

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