The Strategies Behind Effective Copywriting

What is Copywriting?

In the competitive industry of marketing and content creation, copywriting can be a powerful tool to connect businesses with their target audience. The primary objective of copywriting is to engage a particular demographic’s attention with persuasive and engaging content. Not only can copywriting help to raise public awareness of a brand’s image and skillset, it can also push potential customers and clients to take action. Ultimately, copywriting is often the backbone to a successful content marketing strategy, as it shares valuable, compelling information about a company’s products or services, all while conveying the brand’s core values and establishing their credibility in a particular area of expertise.

The Essentials to Writing Effective Copy

To gain the most benefits out of copywriting, it is crucial that the content achieves the following:

  • Integrates keywords to ensure the copy appeals to SEO.
  • Presents a skimmable length with a word count between 600 to 900 words.
  • Uses at least 3 sections of headings to make key points stand out.
  • Includes quotes from researched sources to establish the credibility of the copy’s claims.
  • Engages the reader’s attention by writing actively and not with passivity.

ADV Marketing’s Writing Process

At ADV Marketing, we can help you save time on copywriting with our tried and true writing process, which includes these services and steps:

  • Starting with a 15-minute detailed informational interview with a SME (subject matter expert) and conducting research on specific, focused questions.
  • Using our industry expertise to turn our research into a thoroughly written article and additional content that will grab your audience’s attention.
  • Submitting this article to you for final review and approval before its release

Working with our experienced team of copywriters can cut down the time you spend on marketing by at least 60%. With ADV Marketing, you will get the most benefits out of investing the least amount of your time.

Getting Results with Compelling Copy

An engineering consulting firm had a successful content strategy by working with ADV Marketing. The firm had an objective of increasing awareness of their brand, which would be measured through an increase of website and social media engagement by 20%. By utilizing platforms such as LinkedIn, the firm’s website, and a print media magazine, ADV Marketing’s copywriters achieved incredible results. Overall, the articles that were written resulted in a 44% increase in engagement, exceeding the original objective.


Key Takeaways

While copywriting can seem daunting at times, it can become a vital component of your content marketing strategy. ADV Marketing can help you by streamlining the process of copywriting and producing engaging, educational content for your intended audience, all while accurately representing your brand’s image. By doing so, you can ensure that copywriting will be a reliable form of reaching out and appealing to your potential customer base.

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